Is non-alcoholic wine good for health?

This is a question that is commonly asked by many, especially those who have heard about it. You may be interested to try non-alcoholic beverage and want to know if there are any health benefits to derive from its consumption.
Benefits offered with consumption of Non-Alcoholic Wine
• Less calories, more taste: The truth is that dieting and alcohol are two opposite poles. If you are health conscious, then you have to choose between food and wine. In case, you plan to lose weight quickly, then consuming non-alcoholic will be a better choice. According to industry experts, this type of beverage contains calories, about three times less than that of regular wine. You can find in it 15-30 kilocalories /decilitre when compared to 70-80 present in alcoholic version.
• Reduced cardio-vascular disease risk: According to studies conducted, helps reduce cardiovascular disease risks. It tends to lower down blood pressure thus reducing heart attack rates by about 20 percent. Also, cardiovascular disease risk is lowered by around 14%. This is because, non-alcoholic red wine has polyphenols in equal amount like that of its alcoholic counterpart. Polyphenols are termed to be antioxidants to reduce blood pressure as well as avoid cancerous, neurodegenerative and inflammatory illnesses. Positive effects are also noticed on hypertension. This beverage is also a good source of anti-ageing properties and can be consumed for medical reasons by senior wine lovers. Thus, they can also indulge in their favourite pleasure habits. The non-alcoholic version allows them to enjoy wine but without its adverse affects.
• Eliminating sulphites: High sulphite content is present alcoholic wines. It is for this reason; a good number of French population tend to experience excess levels of sulphites. Hence, the average person is recommended to take a daily dosage of just 50mg and not more to avoid excess consumption of sulphite. But to prepare good wine, sulphites are to be used. It is for this reason, you are to be aware of the dangers associated with regular wine and beer, thereby taking prompt and correct action to avoid slow poisoning.
To be safe and enjoy your beverage, you can look at other non-alcoholic alternatives available easily in the market. It includes biodynamic, natural and organic wines containing lower levels of sulphite when compared to regular wines. This is due to dealcoholisation process used in its preparation process.
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